Lagomar - Key to history - Key to the future

Natural and cultural heritage in the southern baltic sea - challenges and perspectives for regional development.

The Baltic lagoons form a unique maritime landscape with thousand years of history of men and sea interaction. The lagoons are interfaces where rural and regional (inland) aspects meet transnational ones (the sea). All three lagoons are not only situated on the periphery of the EU but also form a complicated, not well developed area because they are situated on the borders of different nations.

The project focuses on natural and cultural information resources of the lagoons and their transnational usage, as well as on structuring this information to provide a holistic approach for a maritime cultural landscape symptomatics of lagoons. The investigation of the symptomatics offers an essential basis for a unique touristic development of Baltic lagoons.


XX. Hansesail und IV. Internationaler Bootsbauworkshop

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von Holger Meyer (Herausgeber), Maik J Springmann (Herausgeber), Horst Wernicke (Herausgeber)

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